Project Management

Each project is unique. A project may differ from its core requirements, brand identity to the specific client’s operation and change management standards. This is why establishing a process is very important upfront and early in order to set a project on the right course with a firmly targeted finish line.

A concisely approached and maintained project will involve the setting of rules both for the client and our company, understanding the common goal, setting expectations and marking out a tangible success criteria. Our approach is to establish a clear communication practice and to gain as much information as possible, as early as possible, in order to reduce the chances of unexpected surprises down the road of project development. To begin our Research/Discovery Process, we have three detailed project forms for different departmental areas; Marketing, IT and Security.



From web-based ERP Systems 
to lead generating websites.

Stage No. 01


The Research/Discovery Process is used to identify the clients success criteria, core requirements, in-scope/out-of-scope features and set clear communication practices.

Stage No. 02


The preparation phase involves the strategic internal practice of project review, team-to-task alignment, internal milestone check points and testing practice.

Stage No. 03

Design & Develop

This is the stage of action and creation, from concept to reality.  Internally teams are actively collaborating, challenges are being worked through and executed.

Stage No. 04

Test & Review

Testing and refining of the platform is to ensure the components are communication accordingly and ready for launch.  Once completed a review deliverable and change management takes place.