Discovery Process – Web Security

To companies both large and small, security is important to many different types of business relationships such as: partners, clients, customers, distributors and the company itself. With this Discovery Process form, we aim to understand what data elements are important for you to secure and what your general security requirements consist of.

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  • Discovery Process - Web Security

  • Project Specific - Managers & official Signers involved in project

  • Project Specific - Data and Hosting

  • Project Specific - Security Requirments

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Understanding your brand, audience, industry, desired impression and marketing guidelines is crucial to any public facing visual presentation.  This Discovery form begins to collect those requirements along with your project overview and engagement process.

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Understanding the goals and objectives from your IT Department will enable us to commit to actionable in-scope requirements, that when completed, will result in a job well done.  This Discovery form is created the IT Department.

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Keeping your data collected and stored safely should be important to any small, or large sized company.  If you have security standards, then we need to know about them.  This Discovery form is meant to review your cyber security requirements.

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